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Court rules against doctor in assault case

Doctor's misconduct leads to 4 months behind bars


A doctor accused of indecently assaulting a woman during a medical examination in August 2020 has been sentenced to four months in prison. The verdict was announced on Monday (04/03), following a guilty ruling by the Nicosia District Court on January 24. The court, in a thorough decision, deemed the victim and other prosecution witnesses credible while questioning the reliability of the accused.

According to Michael Anastasiades, President of the Ethics Committee of the Cyprus Medical Association, the committee convened for the first time since its formation to discuss the decision against the doctor and plan the next steps for the Medical Association regarding the case.

Anastasiades stated that all procedures for investigating the disciplinary aspects of the case will be followed. Written updates will be requested from the Legal Service regarding the court's sentencing, and then the case will proceed to the independent Disciplinary Board, as outlined in the Medical Association's statute. It's worth noting that the penalties for the doctor could include revocation of their medical license.

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