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Bugs attack patrons in Paphos' restaurants

Heat and insect invasion create unpleasant environment


The chaos caused by an 'invasion' of Pangaeus bilineatus bugs in Kato Paphos over the past four days has been emphasized in recent reports by Philenews. Visitors to the bustling harbor area have been frantically attempting to distance themselves from these insects, which have seemingly taken over the surroundings. It is worth noting that a similar phenomenon was observed in Cyprus back in 2019.

Pangaeus bilineatus is a species of burrowing bug belonging to the Cydnidae family. These bugs are commonly found in the Caribbean Sea, Central America, and North America. Their presence in Kato Paphos has raised concerns among locals and tourists alike.

The situation has been exacerbated by the extreme heat experienced in the area. Business owners have voiced their struggles in dealing with this unpleasant state of affairs. The heat, combined with the insect invasion, has created a challenging environment for everyone involved.

Witnesses have recounted incidents where patrons of restaurants were forced to hastily leave without even touching their meals or sipping their coffees, all in an attempt to escape what they perceived as an alien attack by the bugs.

Adult Pangaeus bilineatus bugs are characterized by their small oval-shaped bodies and wings that range in color from brownish to blackish. These insects possess needle-like mouthparts, which they employ for piercing and sucking.

During the winter, these bugs typically seek shelter as adults under residual crop remnants, rocks, or decaying wood. When spring arrives, they emerge from their overwintering sites and engage in mating activities.

Female bugs are known to lay their eggs near peanut roots and pods. The immature stages of these insects, called nymphs, bear a brown coloration and closely resemble their adult counterparts.

The situation in Kato Paphos continues to unfold, leaving residents, business owners, and visitors concerned about the impact of this bug invasion. Efforts are underway to address the issue and mitigate the disruption caused by these pests.

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