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Cabinet announces members of Advisory Council

President's governance program emphasizes transparency and merit-based appointments for semi-governmental organizations


The Council of Ministers, chaired by President Nicos Christodoulides, convened today at the Presidential Palace. Following the meeting, Government Spokesman Konstantinos Letymbiotis informed reporters of the Council's decision to appoint the following individuals as members of the Advisory Council:

1. George Arrestis - Former Judge of the Supreme Court of Cyprus (Chairman of the Advisory Council and its subcommittees).
2. Eleni Mouzala - Member of the Cyprus Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts.
3. Orestis Nikitas - Member of the Council of the Pancyprian Bar Association.
4. Pieris Markou - Member of the Council of the Association of Certified Public Accountants.
5. George Demosthenous - Member of the Association of Rectors of Cyprus Universities.
6. Plato Stylianou - Member of the Steering Committee of the National Technical University of Cyprus.
7. Maria Georgiou - Member of the Board of Directors of the Cyprus Association of Human Resources Management.
8. Lenia Samuel - Retired Director-General of the Ministry.

Additionally, each ministry will appoint a representative based on the organization's affiliation and attachment.

This decision builds upon a previous Council of Ministers resolution to establish the Advisory Council. Initially, the council will compile a list of the 11 semi-governmental organizations during the first phase through an open call for interest. After the Advisory Council's performance is evaluated, it may potentially undergo diversification or expansion.

The President's governance program emphasizes that these appointments will be made through transparent, merit-based procedures, with an open call for expressions of interest.

Regarding the appointment of members to the Boards of Directors of semi-governmental organizations before the current members' terms expire, the Spokesman clarified that it falls within the constitutional powers of the President. He added that the President will have an initial meeting with the Advisory Council to assess future steps, which will be announced in due course.


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