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Calm weather brings misty mornings

Foggy morning road conditions, low clouds but no chance of rain, small temperature dip midweek


Fair skies are expected in the coming days, featuring non-menacing clouds and a slight temperature drop mid-week, but no sign of rain before the weekend.

A low high pressure system is affecting areas over Cyprus this week, with low clouds hanging over the island but no chances of rain from the waterless clouds.

Heavy fog conditions were reported in areas including along the highway south of Nicosia, with police Tuesday morning warning motorists to drive with their headlights on and keep safe distances behind other vehicles.

Fair skies are expected on Tuesday with morning fog and low clouds in the morning giving way to mostly clear daytime weather but also misty and foggy conditions overnight. Moderate levels of dust particles are expected to affect the island on and off until evening time, when skies will be mostly clear but with increasing clouds on and off also expected over local areas mainly in the west.

Temperature highs will reach 23 degrees Celsius inland, north, and west, around 21 in all other coastal regions, and 18 degrees high up in the mountains, while lows will drop down to 10 degrees in the interior, around 11 along the coast, and 6 degrees high up.

Overall temperature levels are expected to drop slightly on Wednesday, with a drop being noticeable out west but still above normal averages for this time of the year.

A mix of sunshine and cloudy skies will continue throughout the rest of the week and early weekend, with further temperature drops and possibly low chances of rain on Sunday.

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