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Candidates continue their quest for votes as elections draw near

The latest news from the Presidential campaign trail

Source: CNA

The pre-election campaign of the candidates for February's 2023 Presidential elections continued over the weekend with meetings and contacts in cities and communities on the island and abroad.

Speaking after the memorial service of EOKA liberation struggle hero Kyriakos Matsis, Neofytou said that EOKA fighters gave their lives for a free country. We are not ready to compromise for either half a country or a weak country, he said.

During an interview with the Cyprus News Agency, Neofytou said the Government he intends to form, if elected, will consist of capable members of the Democratic Rally and others from the society, who believe in his programme, regardless of ideological positions. He also said that if he wins the upcoming elections, he will personally undertake the responsibility of governing the country and that unity is based on specific targets and not by allocating positions.

He also told a gathering in Larnaca that we are working for better days to come for our children and welcomed the members of the youth section of the EPP.

Addressing the pan-European meeting of the Youth of the European People’s Party EPP, the Democratic Rally leader stressed members of the European People's Party have always had a great vision for Europe and that is why they are working hard for a united Europe. “As Cypriots, we have great visions for our country but we know that great visions do not fit into divided homelands”, he added.

Andreas Mavroyiannis in a message on the occasion of International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women called for working on prevention, management and support policies in favour of victims.

He sent a message that the change should come by putting women at the forefront. Speaking during an event entitled “The REDress Project", he referred to the 2019 murders of women in Cyprus and pointed out that the state needs to undertake responsibility.

He criticised the state for not having the necessary shelters that victims of violence can turn to. "There are no shelters for victims in all districts and where there are often, they cannot cope with the large number of women they have to accommodate. In order to support victims and combat gender-based violence, there should be central state planning…”

On the occasion of the event, Andreas Mavroyiannis released the positions of his electoral programme to ensure the human rights of all citizens.

AKEL General Secretary Stephanos Stephanou, speaking on Saturday after visiting the Anthoupoli market, said the people are conveying a message of concern that the high prices drain household income and put a lot of pressure on small and medium-sized businesses.

We are under no illusion that the government in the last months of its 10-year rule will help the people or the small and medium-sized enterprises. “It never did that. It is for this reason that this government should leave, that the Democratic Rally should leave power…and that a President with a progressive programme should undertake to face the difficulties and put Cyprus back on the path of progress, and prosperity.

Independent candidate Nikos Christodoulides continued his contacts in London. He met with the Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain Nikita where they exchanged views on the work and action of the Archdiocese in the UK and its multilevel role in strengthening the ties of the community and especially the young generation.

Christodoulides underlined his dedication to a fair and viable solution to the Cyprus problem within the agreed framework of a bizonal, bicommunal federation and his proposal for a more active involvement of the EU in the London community.

Speaking to Cypriot students studying in the UK, Christodoulides underlined the significance of the upcoming Presidential elections in Cyprus, especially for the future of the young people, and urged them to register in the electoral rolls so that as many young people as possible can participate in the electoral process, thus contributing substantially to the determination of their future.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party, in a press release commenting about the existence of a so-called "secret agreement" between DIKO and Nikos Christodoulides, as published in today’s Politis newspaper, said there is no such agreement and no such document ever existed. It said it is a fake document made up by the newspaper itself which again “has managed to surpass the levels of yellow journalism.”

Commenting on the same press report, the Democratic Rally issued a statement saying that Christodoulides “entered into secret agreements with [DIKO President] Nikolas Papadopoulos behind the back of the people of Cyprus and the government that appointed him, many months before he resigned as Minister.”

Independent presidential candidate Achilleas Demetriades answered questions by TEPAK students on CUT Radio where he outlined his positions about violence against women, sports, corruption, and how it affects young people as well as the Cyprus problem. The housing issue and cost of living in Limassol were also on the agenda of his radio interview.

He said his candidacy offers hope as he is part of a solution and not part of the system, contrary to the other three candidates. He also said in Cyprus there is no peace but a ceasefire and expressed his opposition to division.

Independent candidate George Kolokasides said a bizonal, bicommunal federation includes divisive elements and there is a clear danger that Turkey will rule over Cyprus.

Supporting a freedom dogma, Kolokasides told a gathering in Limassol on Friday about the dangers that a federal solution entails for Cyprus.


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