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19 April, 2021
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Chilly weather with sub zero lows

Drivers warned of slippery roads in the mountains, cloudy weather expected to clear out on Sunday


A low barometric pressure is affecting the area, with cold temperatures setting in along with chances of rain and thunderstorms in parts of Cyprus.

Thursday skies will start off as mostly cloudy in the first half of the day while evening weather is expected to be mostly clear. During the day, there will be chances of local showers and isolated thunderstorms primarily over the mountains, north, and east, due to a low barometer persisting over the area until the afternoon.

Winds will range from weak to moderate while strong winds are also expected. The sea will be relatively calm in general but choppy waters are also expected in some areas.

Frosty conditions

Maximum high temperatures will reach 14° Celsius both inland as well as on the south and west coasts, around 15 in all other coastal regions, and 3° degrees up in the highest elevations.

Minimum lows will drop down to 5° Celsius inland, around 8° in the coastal areas, while it will be -2° degree up in the highest elevations where frosty conditions are expected to continue.

Friday skies will be mostly clear with temperatures on the rise slightly but still below the normal averages for this time of the year.

Slippery roads

Due to snow in Troodos Mountains, police issued warnings on Thursday notifying drivers of road alerts and weather conditions. Specifically, roads from Platres to Troodos are slippery while vehicles from the Troodos Square heading for the Olympus peak must be equipped with anti-skid chains.

Drivers are also reminded to watch out for black ice, which are slippery frozen patches that may be invisible because they're the same color as the road

Drivers are also reminded to watch out for black ice, which are slippery frozen patches that may be invisible because they're the same color as the road. (Click here for an update to road conditions in Troodos)

Authorities call on drivers to be extra careful while reports of foggy conditions have also been cited in local media reports. Additionally, there are wet conditions in other areas that could affect road conditions, especially Limassol, but no problems were reported as of Thursday late morning.

Snow on the weekend

On Saturday, there will be increasing clouds on and off with chances of rain showers mainly in coastal areas while light snow is expected on the mountains.

Cloudy skies will continue on Sunday with chances of daytime local showers and possibly thunderstorms, along with snow on the highest peaks in the mountains. Weather is expected to improve noticeably by the afternoon while temperatures will drop slightly but remain close to the normal averages fort this time of the year. 

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