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Christodoulides: 'I am not here to cover for anyone'

President Christodoulides takes a stand - No cover-ups in face of sanctions

"I am not here to cover for anyone," President Nicos Christodoulides emphasized during discussions on the new sanctions lists from the UK and the US.

Speaking in Larnaca and addressing the issue of sanctions, the President assured that the Republic had been informed about specific individuals and entities by the US and UK governments. He stressed that these data would be meticulously evaluated by competent authorities.

However, the President wanted to deliver a clear message in response to recent criticisms. He dismissed claims that the government was blindly accepting decisions from foreign governments, compromising the relevant industry.

The President's message was unambiguous: "I am not here to cover for anyone. Those who violate sanctions and jeopardize the country's name and the industry itself should face legal consequences. Any information received by the Republic will be thoroughly assessed, and appropriate action will be taken based on factual evidence. This is how we safeguard a vital industry within the Cypriot economy."

Drawing on a remark he heard earlier, the President affirmed that when there is a problematic element, it must be dealt with swiftly. Once again, he emphasized that their purpose was not to protect anyone. The President aimed to be unequivocal in his stance.

When asked about the government's course of action, the President outlined the need to assess the veracity of the facts presented. If the evidence holds true, decisive measures will be taken to preserve the reputation of the country and the credibility of this significant economic sector.

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