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04 October, 2023
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Clear skies continue this week

Maximum temperatures remain high with cooler lows in the evening


Clear skies over Cyprus continue this week despite a low pressure system, with maximum highs in the upper 30’s, cooler lows in the evening, and waterless clouds expected to appear over local areas after midweek.

Tuesday weather will remain clear with good visibility, while winds will pick up in the late afternoon along the southwest corridor. The sea will remain relatively calm for the most part with maximum sea surface temperature around 28° Celsius.

Maximum high temperatures are expected to reach 37° Celsius inland, around 32 along the southern coast, 30 in all other coastal areas while it will be 28 up on the mountains.

Evening skies will be mostly clear with minimum low temperatures registering 17° inland as well as in the northern and western parts of the island, while it will be 19 in all other coastal areas and 16 up on the mountains.

In the following days, skies will remain mostly clear while increasing clouds will appear briefly over some local areas on Thursday and Friday.

No precipitation is expected before the week is out while midweek temperatures will begin a slight drop until Friday, when they are expected to pick up again as we head into the weekend.

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