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Clouds and chilly surprises

A dash of snow expected this weekend


Today, expect mainly clear skies with a touch of afternoon cloudiness, especially in the mountains. Winds will play a game of direction, starting from the northeast to southeast and later adopting a sea breeze, dancing lightly at 3 Beaufort.

The sea will keep its composure, ranging from calm to a tad rough.

Temperature-wise, we're looking at a high around 24 degrees inland, approximately 23 degrees on the coast, and a cooler 13 degrees up in the lofty mountains.

As night falls, the weather will transition from mainly clear to partly cloudy, with isolated light showers making a cameo. Winds will switch gears, embracing the northwest to northeast direction at a gentle 2 to 3 Beaufort.

The sea will maintain its mood, swinging between calm and a bit rough. Expect temperatures to cool down, reaching around 11 degrees inland, about 13 degrees on the coast, and a crisp 6 degrees in the higher mountains.

Saturday brings a mix of clouds, both partly cloudy and mostly cloudy, joined by isolated showers. As the night unfolds, the weather takes a turn, becoming mostly cloudy with localized showers and isolated thunderstorms.

Sunday continues the cloudy trend, with scattered showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. Brace yourself for a surprise in the evening – snow or sleet is anticipated on the higher peaks of the Troodos.

Looking ahead to Monday, expect partly cloudy skies with isolated showers, and in the higher mountains, a touch of sleet or snow. Hold onto your hats from Sunday noon to Monday noon, as winds are expected to show off their strength, transiently becoming very strong and gusty.

Temperature-wise, Sunday won't stray too far from the familiar, but come Monday, anticipate a noticeable drop below average climatic values. It seems our weekend weather has a few surprises up its sleeve, so stay tuned for updates!

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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