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Clouds and spotty showers ahead

Island braces for changing winds


In the latest forecast, a shift in weather patterns is set to bring a mix of conditions to the island.

While weak high pressure currently dominates, low pressure and instability will take center stage, particularly in the western regions starting tonight.

Anticipate a dusting in the atmosphere, clearing gradually from tomorrow.

Today starts with clear skies, but expect a gradual increase in clouds, especially in the afternoon.

The western half will see a transition from partly to mostly cloudy by the evening. Winds will play their part, shifting from southeast to southwest and eventually to northwest.

The sea, initially calm, might turn a bit rough, especially in the west and north later in the day.

Temperatures will peak around 29 degrees inland, 27 on the coast, and 20 in the higher mountains.

As night falls, the western half will experience mainly cloudy conditions with localized showers and isolated thunderstorms.

The rest of the island won't escape either, with increasing clouds likely to bring isolated showers. Wind directions will vary, and the sea will become a little rough in the west, north, and south.

Temperatures will cool down to around 15 degrees inland, 17 on the coast, and 9 in the higher mountains.

Looking ahead to Tuesday, expect a mix of partly cloudy and mostly cloudy conditions, along with localized showers and isolated thunderstorms. Wednesday promises clearer skies, occasionally giving way to increased cloudiness.

By Thursday, clouds will make a return, bringing the chance of isolated showers.

Temperature-wise, Tuesday will see a slight drop, remaining above average. Wednesday will bring a slight rise, while Thursday shows no significant temperature change.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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