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Cloudy with a chance of dust

Clouds, rain, and temperature changes ahead


A weak low-pressure system coupled with hot gas masses is poised to impact the region, prompting atmospheric disturbances. Dust particles are forecasted to be suspended in the atmosphere, intermittently reaching elevated levels.

Expect today's weather to feature intermittent cloud cover, with medium to high clouds dominating the sky. Winds will predominantly blow from the northeast to southeast, maintaining a light to moderate breeze, measuring between 3 to 4 on the Beaufort scale. Along the coastline, the sea will exhibit choppy to slightly rough conditions. Temperature-wise, anticipate a high of approximately 37 degrees Celsius in inland areas, around 33 degrees Celsius along the coast, and 27 degrees Celsius in elevated mountainous regions.

Tonight, the weather pattern will persist, with intervals of cloudiness accompanied by medium to high cloud cover. Winds will shift towards the northwest to northeast direction, remaining light at 3 Beaufort and moderate at 4 Beaufort in western regions. Sea conditions are expected to range from choppy to slightly rough. Temperatures are set to decrease, with lows dropping to around 18 degrees Celsius inland and in higher elevated areas, and 19 degrees Celsius along the coastline.

Heading into Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the weather is expected to feature partly cloudy conditions at times, with medium to high clouds prevailing. During midday hours on Saturday, isolated rain showers are likely in the highlands due to the presence of these clouds. While dust from the southwest is anticipated to diminish by Friday afternoon, thinning dust from the east is forecasted to return on Saturday, with concentrations intermittently increasing, particularly on Sunday and beyond.

Temperature fluctuations are anticipated throughout the weekend. Expect a decrease in temperatures on Friday, followed by a slight rise on Saturday, with no significant change expected on Sunday. Overall, temperatures are projected to remain well above climatic averages during this period.

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