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15 June, 2024
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Cloudy with a chance of sunshine

A touch of majesty in today's forecast


Today, a royal edict graces the heavens with regal clouds, escorted by the prospect of gentle, isolated raindrops.

Winds, devoted subjects bowing from northeast to southeast, occasionally swaying in a southwest cadence, maintain their gentle allegiance at a light 3 Beaufort.

The sea, a tranquil canvas adorned with subtle undulations of nobility.

As the sun's radiance dims, the celestial domain metamorphoses into a canvas of partly cloudy splendor. Winds, unwavering companions from northeast to southeast, sustain their genteel composure at 3 Beaufort.

The sea, a ballet harmonizing serenity with a touch of noble turbulence. Temperatures, with a gracious curtsy, present themselves – 12 degrees inland, 15 degrees along the coastal realm, and a brisk 8 degrees amidst the lofty peaks.

As the weekend unfolds, the regal weather narrative persists, showcasing scenes of partly cloudy opulence adorned with intermittent light raindrops – a dance befitting the court of a sovereign.

Temperature loyalists maintain their stance until Monday, when a climatic transition sees them descending with grace to embrace values of average stature.

Thus concludes this regal weather saga, embellished with a touch of meteorological majesty.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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