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Convict arrested in connection with ''Dimitroui'' attempted murder

Authorities link magazine found in Larnaca to Andronikos attack


Authorities have arrested a tenth suspect in connection with the attempted murder of Dimitris Andronikos, known as ''Dimitroui,'' which occurred at noon on April 23 on the Palaichori - Anthoupoli road. The suspect is reportedly an inmate at the Central Prison.

The latest arrest adds to the nine individuals already in custody, all of whom are serving 17-year sentences for the attempted murder of Nikos Rodotheos in November 2018. The tenth suspect, along with the other nine, will be brought to court today, where police are expected to request further detention.

Key evidence in the case

Investigators have obtained a significant piece of evidence that could advance the case: a magazine found on April 30 in the Pervolia area of Larnaca. This magazine is believed to be linked to the attempted murder of Andronikos. However, the results of scientific tests are still pending to confirm whether it was used in the crime.

Police have also recovered two motorcycles, one of which is suspected to have been used by the perpetrators.

Victim's condition and investigation

According to police sources, Andronikos's condition is stable, but he is not yet able to provide a statement.

Nightlife power struggle

The attempted murder of "Dimitroui" has intensified the ongoing power struggle within the nightlife underworld, following the murder of Alexis Mavromichalis, known as "Alexoui," last October. Authorities remain on high alert, anticipating potential retaliatory acts.

From the outset, investigators have suspected that the attempted murder is linked to a settling of scores among rival factions involved in protection rackets and other illicit activities.

This latest development underscores the escalating violence and the authorities' ongoing efforts to prevent further criminal acts in this dangerous power struggle.

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