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Cops seize cocaine mailed from Holland

Local man arrested after picking up a package at a courier while under surveillance


Larnaca police have seized 16 kilos of cocaine from Holland after they were tipped off about a package filled with drugs that was mailed to Cyprus.

According to police, a 25-year-old Greek Cypriot man was arrested after undercover cops saw him picking up a package at a local courier in Larnaca on Tuesday.

The suspect, who got into his car to drive away, realised that he was being followed when the cops tried to block his way. He managed to drive away but he was pursued by police through the town until he was later arrested. Three cars, including a police vehicle, were damaged as a result of the car chase.

It was not clear whether the suspect was the intended recipient of the package, which contained two smaller packages inside totaling 16 kilos of cocaine.

Police questioned the suspect who was scheduled to appear before a Larnaca judge for his remand hearing, while an ongoing investigation was said to be focused on finding out who were the sender and final recipient.

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