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Cannabis suspect remanded in custody

Police were tracking down the packages in real time before arresting local man


A shipping company owner who was arrested in Limassol on drug-related charges was remanded by the district court for eight days.

The 39-year-old Greek Cypriot suspect, who is also known as a sports administrator for a local team, was arrested on drug related charges on Tuesday in connection with up to ten kilos of dry cannabis that were being tracked down in real time by undercover police.

According to local reports, the cannabis was imported from Germany through Spain in two packages and ended up in Cyprus where they cleared customs. A big shipping company first handled the package and then the cannabis was transferred to a smaller local courier.

Undercover police placed the entire operation under surveillance and the male suspect was arrested after he went to pick up the packages

Undercover police, who were already tipped off regarding the illegal shipment, placed the entire operation under surveillance and the male suspect who went to pick up the packages was arrested as he was getting into his car to drive away.

The man denied that he was the final recipient of the package, telling police investigators there was another person who was to receive the two packages. The Limassol District Court ordered on Wednesday morning his remand for eight days.

Another suspect was detained in the case, a 31-year-old female who works for the local courier. She was later released while the male suspect reportedly named another individual in connection with the case.

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