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Foreign worker injured by propeller

Syrian man suffers broken leg in Limassol labour accident while cleaning a recycling machine


A Syrian man in Limassol was taken to Emergency Room on Tuesday following a labour accident where he was injured by a propeller.

According to media reports, a 30-year-old man was working in a pit about 1.5 metres deep in order to clean a recycling machine. At one point, under circumstances not fully known yet, his leg was caught in the propeller of the machine and he was trapped.

Fire fighters from the Agios Nicolaos firehouse were called to the scene with a special rescue vehicle shortly after 5pm while medics also helped carry the man out on a stretcher.

The worker, who was described as a Syrian national, had a broken leg according to sources. He received medical attention on the spot and was then taken to the Emergency Room at Limassol General Hospital.

Officials from the Labour department visited the scene of the accident along with law enforcement officials to carry out inspections.

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