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Coronavirus outbreak won't get in the way of completion of school year

The Education Minister said graduates will obtain an accredited diploma allowing them to move on to Greek and local universities


The coronavirus outbreak won’t obstruct students from completing the school year, Minister of Education Prodromos Prodromou told CNA on Tuesday, noting that solutions will be found for graduates so that they receive an accredited leaving certificate allowing them to compete for positions at public universities in Cyprus and Greece.

According to Prodromou, the Education Ministry will announce concrete steps to be taken in view of ensuring the school year is completed as soon as a clearer picture of the coronavirus outbreak begins to develop through the data regularly provided by the government advisors and epidemiologists.

The Education Ministry will also be providing tablets to students who do not own one, while internet services will be installed in 2,000 homes, in view of providing equal access to online education.

Prodromou added he held a teleconference with parents associations from all levels of education, during which parents were informed on the course of the ongoing distance learning, with parents providing useful suggestions on the way forward.

The Education Minister said he has urged teachers to continue providing educational support to children during the next two weeks, during which students will be taking a break from school as part of Easter holidays.

“It is important to maintain communication, and a sense that teachers are standing by the children,” he added.

As far as high school graduates are concerned, Prodromou said that final exams will test students on the material covered until March 13.

But further announcements will follow, Prodromou said.

“We will provide solutions for the children’s school career and for graduates to claim positions at the public universities of Cyprus and Greece on equal terms with credible procedures”, the minister added.

Asked if planning will be disrupted if Greek university entry exams take place as normal in September, Prodromou said “we don’t have planning for September”.

The plan is to prepare the final exams before the enlistment of the new National Guard conscripts, Prodromou said.


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