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Couple arrested for running cannabis side business

Local man and foreign woman accused of selling weed through their biological store business


A Paralimni couple in their early 60’s is under arrest for possession of 2.5 kilos of cannabis and other drugs as well as selling medicines without a licence.

A Cypriot male and a female foreign national, both aged 63, were placed under arrest on Monday afternoon for selling controlled substances as well as owning a weed gadget and selling meds without a proper licence.

Some local reports said the couple owned a business selling biological and organic products, with police raiding both their store and residence. Officers confiscated 61 packs suspected of containing 2 kilos and 654 grams of illegal dry cannabis CBD, 9 individual packs of cream of an unknown substance, a number of bottles with unknown liquid and a milling machine with half a gram of green dry cannabis in plant form.

The male suspect, reportedly a Greek Cypriot, and the female suspect of undisclosed foreign nationality, were set to appear before the Famagusta District Court on Tuesday.

Lab tests were ordered to confirm or deny the presence of CBD, which can be circulated in the Republic of Cyprus only with a special licence.

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