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Crackdown on illegal modifications and builds in Akamas area

Authorities take action with warnings and fines


A joint team comprising officials from the Paphos District Administration, the Department of Planning and Zoning (Paphos Offices), and the Game and Wildlife Service, has conducted inspections and registrations of livestock and agricultural premises in the Akamas area. These actions were carried out in response to unauthorized modifications discovered in the region.

During the inspections, 25 substations were found to have undergone illegal interventions and modifications that violated their licenses. These outhouses are situated on plots near the Akamas National Forest Park and Natura Network sites. Legal action had already been initiated by the Paphos District Administration and the Department of Town Planning and Zoning for five of these cases.

For the remaining 20 cases, the Minister of Interior instructed the immediate collection of owner data through the Department of Lands and Surveys and the Population Registry. Owners will be given a reasonable period to rectify the illegalities and restore compliance. Cases of non-compliance will be forwarded to the General Prosecutor's Office for legal action by the Paphos District Administration.

The inspections were done by physical examination by the team and technological means, including research in the databases of the Department of Lands and Survey.

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