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Father found guilty of child abuse, sentencing expected

The 52-year-old father sexually abused his own daughter


In a harrowing case that has shocked the community, the Limassol Assize Court has delivered a guilty verdict against a 52-year-old father who was charged with sexually abusing his own daughter for a period spanning five to ten years. The court is expected to sentence him before the end of this month, according to a report on Philenews.

The disturbing revelation came to light when the minor victim, whose identity has been protected, confided in her teacher about the years of torment she endured at the hands of her own father. Astonishingly, she had not disclosed her traumatic experiences to her mother or any close family member during this time.

As reported by Philenews, the trial, which was held behind closed doors to protect the minor's privacy, featured testimonies from teachers, a psychologist, and close family members. Their accounts shed light on the gravity of the situation and contributed to the verdict reached by the court.

Following the conviction, the court has scheduled another session in September for the presentation of mitigation pleas and the final sentencing.

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