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Akamas landowners displeased with compensation delay

Minister's compensation announcement sparks outcry among Akamas residents

Pavlos Neophytos

The community councils have started expressing their unhappiness after yesterday's announcement of compensation measures for the Akamas communities by the Minister of Interior and Agriculture, Rural Development, and the Environment.

Giagos Tsivikos, the head of Inia commune, voiced the concerns of his community. He highlighted three main issues that they believe were either previously agreed upon with the government or were unmet requests. First, regarding the subsidies for landowners within the Akamas area, they were initially told the subsidy would increase from €32 to €92 per decaf at a meeting in Drouseia on August 28. However, the government later announced it would only be €60 per decaf. Additionally, the five-year timeframe for this measure doesn't align with their expectations, as they've been deprived of development rights for 35 years, so they feel it should have been for at least 35 years.

Furthermore, the compensatory measures did not include water transport for farming purposes in the lower Lara area. Tsivikos anticipates a strong reaction from Inia residents in the coming days, particularly concerning the prohibition of placing umbrellas and beach beds in the southern bay of Lara. He clarified that they don't want to set up these amenities in the western bay, which is a turtle hatchery, but in the southern bay on the hill near the refreshment stands. Despite previous assurances from former interior and environment ministers and the Department of Environment, their request was not fulfilled.

However, Inia community council is partially satisfied with some of the other compensatory measures announced by the government for the Akamas communities, which include:

  1. Development and implementation of a road network in residential areas.
    2. Establishment of a local Akamas Coordination Office.
    3. Creation of a craft area within Inia' administrative boundaries.
    4. Utilization of sea salt in the Lara area within the Akamas SAR.
    5. Study for rock climbing in Inia.
    6. Study for recording, documenting, and highlighting significant moments.
    7. State coverage of a portion of the operating costs for Akamas Community infrastructure/museums for five years.
    8. Examination of the possibility of establishing or relocating a livestock area within the New Village Community's administrative limits.
    9. Financing various projects of general interest based on community needs.
    10. Funding joint projects in alignment with existing aid initiatives and considering additional requests from communities.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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