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Current restrictions extended through February

The Cabinet followed suggestions that warned against moving too fast too soon, extending current measures until the end of the month


Taking up the suggestion of the inter-ministerial committee tasked with the management of the pandemic, the Cabinet on Wednesday agreed to extend current restriction measures until the end of the month.

Despite the noticeable improvement in epidemiological indices, the inter-ministerial committee in its meeting on Tuesday took into account that the second phase of the relaxation of measures was only activated on Monday, and agreed that time is necessary to assess the results of the island’s gradual lifting of measures.

The inter-ministerial committee also recognised the deteriorating situation across the EU, particularly in light of new strains of the virus, in light of which committee members stressed caution in the relaxation of measures as the possibility of a relapse is still visible.

Following the suggestions of the committee, the Cabinet also agreed to extend the rapid test program targeting employees, who are required to show a new negative rapid test result on a weekly basis.

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