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Cypriot army to feed animals with leftovers

Cyprus’ National Guard agrees to cut down on food waste by giving leftover food to animal shelters


The Animal Party Cyprus says the National Guard has agreed to reduce food waste by saving leftovers for Cyprus’ animal shelters.

According to local media, APC representatives met on Thursday with army officials at the Defence Ministry, where it was agreed that the National Guard will no longer throw away extra food but will make it available for animal shelters.

Questions were raised last year over food management, after reports said many soldiers were 'ordering out' or making other arrangements

APC posted a story on Facebook on Thursday about the decision, saying “it’s just so simple.”

Last year local media picked up on earlier stories about food waste in the army, where lots of quantities of food in camps across the Republic were being thrown away.

Questions were also raised over food management, after reports said many soldiers were “ordering out” or making other arrangements, such as eating at home when they have a single day pass, with officers ending up throwing away unwanted food.

Reports said the National Guard has been searching for ways to cut down on food waste, while also talking into consideration additional risks and concerns.

People took to social media to praise the decision, while some online users expressed reservations whether the decision would be actually implemented.


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