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Cypriot businessman arrested in Sydney

Greek Cypriot mogul arrested in Sydney days after another Cypriot got busted on meth charges


A Greek Cypriot businessman has been arrested in Australia over allegations he was stockpiling illegal steroids worth four hundred grand.

Andrew Constantinou, aged 36, was arrested last week when police raided his residence in Sydney, where they reportedly uncovered 3kg of liquid steroids, 150 vials of steroids, and hundreds of packets of prescription medication.

The businessman, who made headlines with a very expensive and flashy wedding in 2016, was spotted by police officers trying to throw a suitcase over his neighbour's fence during the raid, according to the Daily Mail.

It later turned out that the suitcase was full of prescription drugs worth $400,000.

Two Cypriots arrested in Sydney only days apart

A few days earlier, a 47-year-old Cypriot national was also arrested at Sydney International Airport, with Australian authorities charging him for smuggling drugs into the country worth over €3 million.

The man, who got on a flight in Doha, Qatar, was asked to go through secondary inspection, where Sydney customs officers found a ‘crystalline substance’ hidden inside the lining of his suitcase.

The substance was later confirmed to be crystal methamphetamine and the suspect was placed under arrest, charged with importing a commercial quantity of methamphetamines.

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