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Cypriot arrested in Sydney on meth charges

Australian authorities detain man from Cyprus with $3.5 million worth of crystal meth in his suitcase


A 47-year-old Cypriot male has been arrested at Sydney International Airport on Sunday, with Australian authorities charging him for smuggling drugs into the country worth over €3 million.

Authorities at Sydney International became suspicious due to “some inconsistencies” on Sunday, when the suspect’s suitcase went through the X-Ray machine.

The man, who got on a flight in Doha, Qatar, was asked to go through secondary inspection, where Sydney customs officers found a ‘crystalline substance’ hidden inside the lining of his suitcase.

The substance was later confirmed to be crystal methamphetamine and the suspect was placed under arrest, charged with importing a commercial quantity of methamphetamines.

Knews understands he has already been remanded by a court of law and remains in custody.

Photo credit: AFP

(Photo Credit - AFP)

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