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Mobile phone snatcher released in the north

Turkish Cypriot authorities release Greek Cypriot man accused of stealing two mobile phones


A Greek Cypriot male has been released by Turkish Cypriot authorities, following his arrest in connection with stealing two mobile phones during a previous visit in the north.

The suspect was detained on Sunday, according to Turkish Cypriot media, upon arriving at the inspection booth before entering the northern part of the divided island. Officials had identified him as the suspect shown in CCTV footage a week earlier, dated October 1, where a man appeared to have snatched two mobile phones from a supermarket employee.

The initial incident took place in Famagusta, according to Cyprus News Agency (CNA).

It was not immediately clear whether the mobile phones were brand new for sale or whether they belonged to the worker at the supermarket.

A Turkish Cypriot court imposed a fine of 2000 Turkish lira, approximately €280, and then the suspect was released from custody upon paying the amount.

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