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Cypriot Olympic athlete files sexual abuse report

Cypriot Olympic shooting athlete Andri Eleftheriou had in the past spoken to media regarding the sexual abuse she endured years ago by a sports official


Cypriot Olympic shooting athlete Andri Eleftheriou filed an official report of sexual abuse with police on Wednesday after meeting with Justice Minister Emily Yioliti.

Eleftheriou had in the past spoken to media regarding sexual abuse she allegedly endured in the hands of a sport official some years ago, but had hesitated to file a formal report with police.

In a move likely motivated by the recent revelation of sexual abuse made by Greek Olympic gold medallist Sofia Bekatorou, that has shaken Greece and prompted more Greek athletes to speak out, Yioliti extended an invitation to Eleftheriou to discuss her own sexual abuse claim.

After her meeting with Yioliti, Eleftheriou filed a formal report with police.

The board of directors of the Cyprus Shooting Sport Federation (SKOK) immediately congratulated Eleftheriou for the courage demonstrated in coming forward years after the incident, stressing it stands by her and any other member of theirs who may speak up.

The board called on Eleftheriou to provide the details behind her claim, so that the sports scene can be cleansed from those who insult not only the sport but society too.

Yioliti took to Twitter to congratulate Eleftheriou for coming forward, asserting that along with the state, she will personally support her throughout the process that will follow.

“Let this give others the impetus to speak out. To break the cycle of silence. And to correct everything that feeds it,” Yioliti said in a tweet.

Yioliti also called on all women who have endured violence to come forward without fear, noting that significant progress has been made in the way in which such complaints are handled.

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