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Cypriot vacationers shell out more abroad

Eurostat figures for 2017 show more Cypriots choose UK and Greece over other holiday destinations


Cypriots on holiday spend way more money and time abroad than in their own country, according to Eurostat, even as over half cannot afford a one-week annual holiday away from home.

According to 2017 Eurostat figures, 22% of Cypriot residents who traveled abroad in 2017 went to the United Kingdom, spending on average €92 per night for just over two weeks.

The second choice for Cypriots holidaying in the European Union was Greece in that same year, with 20.2% spending €107 per night for nearly one week. Germany came in third for Cypriot residents at 3.9% with €82 per night for a total of 16 days, according to Eurostat figures.

Only 20.7% of vacationers stayed on the island with Cypriot residents spending only €190 million domestically compared to €1.5 billion abroad

Overall, EU citizens chose the USA in 2017 as their top destination with 2.3% holidaying across the Atlantic, spending €156 per night for nearly two weeks. Turkey came in second at 0.9%, with EU residents spending €83 per night for an average of 10 days, while Thailand came in third with Europeans spending €91 per night for twice as many days.

Only 20.7% vacationed on the island with Cypriot residents shelling out an average of €51 per night for an average of just 2.7 days. This came up to €190 million spent by Cypriots domestically, while the amount spent on tourism abroad came up to €1.5 billion.

Another 5% of all European travelers to Cyprus were identified as Cypriot residents, while more than one third of all trips made by Europeans were visits to friends and relatives.

The top visiting countries to the Republic of Cyprus were the UK, spending €64 per night for an average of 11.5 days, followed by Russia and Germany.

Earlier this summer, Eurostat figures suggested that more than half of Cypriot residents could not afford a one-week holiday abroad. 

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