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Cypriots told to behave as eating joints open

Strict rules include soft, unexciting music and no rockin' around the table in bars and Greek tavernas


A new relaxation of measures went into effect Tuesday in the Republic of Cyprus, with bars and restaurants including taverns opening up but under stricter rules, including no standing or rocking around the table.

Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou declared last week that restaurants would be allowed to resume outdoor operations on Tuesday, as new relaxations went into effect such as modifying a night curfew to start two hours later at 11pm.

But the rules also came with a caveat, as stricter guidance was imposed for sports bars, cafeterias, and restaurants, as well as Greek tavernas, with only outdoor and patio use being allowed at any establishment.

Ioannou said the measures were decided by the Cabinet after having taken into consideration both the increased burden placed on the health system but also the mental exhaustion in society as a whole.

Music should be kept at a low volume while live performances require a physical distance of at least 3 meters between the singer and the closest diner

The minister also said additional rules would follow including very detailed guidance instructions to staff and guests, who are being asked to follow stricter health protocols and social distancing guidelines.

It turns out those rules include no standing or rocking around the table, while music that could excite guests could not be played through the loud speakers.

According to Sigmalive, rules say music should be kept at a low volume while live performances require a physical distance of at least 3 meters between the singer and the closest diner, all of whom are required to wear a medical mask except while having their meal. 

Similar rules had not been spelled out in previous orders, but scores of violations were reported in the past where police officers faced challenges in enforcing the law.

The new measures go into effect just days after carnival enthusiasts in Limassol violated multiple protocols in the downtown area.

Local media reported that 1500 people marked the end of carnival celebrations on Sunday evening, following parades in the street that had been okayed by the city as long as people remained in their vehicles.

But videos on social media showed people on foot or on bicycles parading and cheering, with police blocking streets to turn crowds away from a popular area. The party ended up taking place near the marina, with police choosing not to intervene.

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