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Cyprus aid for Lebanon en route to Beirut

The first batch of some 70 tonnes of dry and canned food collected in Cyprus is set to arrive in Beirut by Wednesday morning


The first batch of dry and canned foodstuffs collected in Cyprus in response to a campaign launched by national authorities for the provision of immediate relief to the Lebanese public was loaded on Tuesday on-board a Greek military ship docked at the Limassol port.

Some 70 tonnes of food donations were loaded onto the ‘Ikaria’ vessel in the presence of the Cyprus commissioner for volunteerism and the Chief of the National Guard, with the ship expected in Beirut on Wednesday morning.

The islandwide donations were collected by 15 National Guard trucks, volunteerism commissioner Yiannis Yiannaki said.

Relief donations for the Lebanese public that was scarred by a deadly explosion at a Beirut port area last week will continue until Friday, August 14. Collection points have been set up in all Cyprus districts.


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