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Cyprus businesses and public still failing to comply with Covid decrees

Police checks conducted island-wide over the past 24 hours found that nine businesses and 31 individuals had flouted coronavirus protection measures


Intensive police checks aiming to sniff out businesses and individuals that continue to flout mandatory coronavirus protection measures led to 40 reports in 24 hours.

According to the police, 917 checks were carried out between 6am on Monday and 6am on Tuesday across all Republic of Cyprus districts, with nine businesses and 31 individuals reported.

A police spokesperson said 80 checks were carried out in Nicosia, where one business and 10 individuals were reported.

After 166 checks in Limassol, 212 in Larnaca, and 180 in Morphou, three individuals were reported in each district.

The Famagusta district also saw three businesses and five individuals reported after 161 inspections.

Paphos appears to be the district recording the greatest level of non-compliance to the government’s recently-enforced stricter measures, with 118 checks leading to three businesses and seven individuals reported.

Larnaca mini-market gets shut down

The Larnaca district court on Monday ordered the temporary suspension of operation of a Larnaca mini-market.

According to the police, the mini-market had been found repetitively violating coronavirus decrees, as three inspections there conducted between July 23 and August 8 led to reports after each inspection, as the manager of the businesses had been found not wearing a mask as required by government decrees, while the mini-market also failed to provide adequate informational signs and to ensure social distancing inside the premises.

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