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Cyprus announces three new coronavirus cases

The new cases involved an employee of a Paphos hotel, a person who returned to the island from Romania on Tuesday, and a person who got checked for the virus privately


The Cyprus health ministry announced three new coronavirus cases on Wednesday, when a bulk of 1,691 samples where checked for the virus.

One of Wednesday’s new cases emerged from the pool of 279 samples collected in the framework of the program aiming to check some 10,000 employees who returned to work with the lifting of lockdown measures for the virus.

The health ministry said the new case involves an employee of a Paphos hotel.

The second new case was identified among the pool of 653 samples collected from passengers and repatriated persons arriving at Cyprus airports, and involved a person who had been repatriated to the island from Romania on Tuesday.

The third case involved an Israeli permanent resident of Cyprus who developed symptoms and got checked for the virus privately.

Health protocols and contract tracing efforts have already been launched for all three cases, the health ministry assured.

The new cases brought total coronavirus cases recorded so far in the Republic of Cyprus to 1,008, over 830 of which have fully recovered. A total of 19 coronavirus fatalities have so far been recorded in the Republic.

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