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Cyprus bets on all-year-round conference tourism

City of Dreams Mediterranean in Limassol to boost winter tourism as Cyprus keeps eye on competitors


Cypriot tourism deputy minister Kostas Koumis says Nicosia is keeping an eye on competitors as travelers have many choices for summer destinations, adding the opening soon casino resort in Limassol could make a difference by bringing large conferences to the island throughout the year.

Koumis told state radio on Friday morning that prices for traveling to Cyprus remained competitive with neighboring destinations but cautioned over the island’s location by clarifying air travel made it easier for tourists to pick and choose destinations farther away.

Cypriot officials have been scrambling to keep tourism an all-year-round affair, as the island continues to compete with other destinations that also offer sun and beach fun in the summer

Cyprus has been a long-established summer destination for European tourists but efforts to attract more visitors outside the hot month period have produced mixed results.

But that is about to change, according to Koumis, who said the City of Dreams Mediterranean, Europe’s largest integrated casino resort, could host large conferences any time of the year, thus bringing tourists to the island even during winter.

“Professionals now will have additional venues to use for inviting large conferences,” Koumis said.

City of Dreams Mediterranean is located in Limassol’s Zakaki where, a special soft opening period for hotel and invited guests is expected to begin on June 12, according to Melco, the Group running the operation.

Melco also said doors to the public will open on July 10.

Large conferences and concerts are among many different functions available at the resort, where a Grand Ballroom can accommodate over 1000 guests, while additional venues include a multipurpose forum gallery, state-of-the-art meeting rooms, and even a Roman-style amphitheatre.

Cypriot officials have been scrambling to keep tourism an all-year-round affair but discordance and lack of consensus between stakeholders, including lack of incentives and venues, failed to yield results.

But Koumis said the casino resort will be an attraction for guests any time of the year, as the island continues to compete with countries that also offer sun and beaches.

Earlier this week the President’s Cabinet decided to establish a promotion agency with the aim of upgrading activities that promote the country as a tourist destination.

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