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Cyprus considers participation in Great Sea Interconnector project

Deliberations continue on Cyprus-Israel electricity connection


In today's session of the Council of Ministers, the discussion continues on the proposal jointly submitted by Minister of Energy, Commerce, and Industry, George Papastasiou, and Minister of Finance, Makis Keraunos, regarding the participation of the Republic of Cyprus in the Great Sea Interconnector (formerly EuroAsia Interconnector). This project pertains to the electrical interconnection between Cyprus and Greece (via Crete) in its initial phase and Cyprus and Israel in its subsequent phase.

According to information from the Cyprus News Agency (CNA), the session will address the new modified proposal of the two Ministries, seeking the approval of the Council of Ministers for the participation of the Republic of Cyprus in the electricity interconnection project between Cyprus and Crete.

The Council of Ministers' discussion on the proposal commenced last Friday, February 2nd.

The Great Sea Interconnector (formerly EuroAsia) involves the interconnection, through submarine cables, of the national electricity transmission networks of Cyprus, Israel, and Greece (via Crete), with a capacity of 2,000 MW and bidirectional capability. The project is implemented by the Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO) of Greece.

The distance between Cyprus and Israel is 380 km and approximately 900 km from Cyprus to Crete, while water depths between Cyprus and Crete range between 3-3.5 km and between Israel and Cyprus between 2-2.5 km.

The company constructing the cable, Nexans, is of French interests, and the cable's construction takes place in Norway.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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