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Cyprus' crucial role in evacuating foreigners from war zones

The humanitarian lifeline of Cyprus amid Middle East crisis

Newsroom / CNA

Defense Minister Michalis Giorgalas emphasized Cyprus' strategic importance in the Middle East crisis, highlighting its role as a stable and capable partner in humanitarian operations. He made these remarks during his participation in the final phase of the "Iris-2023" exercise with troops.

Minister Giorgalas clarified that Cyprus does not host foreign soldiers engaged in active warfare operations in the Middle East. Instead, Cyprus plays a vital humanitarian role, assisting foreign nations in evacuating their citizens from conflict zones. He stressed that Cyprus is a trusted backdrop for these operations, ensuring the safety of those being evacuated.

Regarding the presence of friendly forces in Cyprus, the Defense Minister stated that while they are stationed in the country, their primary mission is to aid in evacuating foreign citizens from war-affected regions. He addressed reports of commandos stationed in Cyprus, explaining that if commercial transportation becomes unavailable due to a crisis, the military may be used for civilian evacuation.

Minister Giorgalas made it clear that Cyprus does not have soldiers involved in ongoing military operations and that their focus remains on the humanitarian aspect of assisting foreign civilians in conflict zones, rather than specific military operations, such as hostage situations in Gaza.

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