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GSP Stadium to introduce parking fees to combat cleanliness issues

Parking charges coming to GSP Stadium


In response to a pressing cleanliness issue plaguing the GSP parking area, officials at the stadium have made the decision to implement a fee for its usage.

This fee will affect individuals who regularly utilize the stadium's parking facilities, whether for travel to Nicosia or destinations beyond the capital.

Phoebos Konstantinidis, the General Manager of GSP, disclosed that the precise fee to be imposed has not been finalized. However, preliminary considerations lean toward a fixed monthly amount of 10-15 euros or a daily fee of one euro.

It's important to note that this decision excludes the Park and Ride service. Those utilizing this service will continue to park for free by presenting their bus pass at the entrance of the parking area.

For all others, the alternative will be to show their GSP card or deposit the necessary payment into the designated machine, as stated by Konstantinidis.

The implementation of these charges is anticipated to commence once the requisite systems are in place, which is expected to be around the beginning of December.

This decision reflects the stadium's commitment to addressing the cleanliness issue and ensuring the efficient use of its parking area.

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