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High pressure set to brighten your day

Soothing winds and sun


Today, a gentle touch of high pressure is gracing our skies, promising a day filled with abundant sunshine and pleasant conditions. The atmosphere may occasionally tease us with sparse dust, but overall, the weather is expected to be mostly clear.

In terms of wind, the day will begin with a variable breeze, gradually shifting to a soothing southeast to southwest direction. These winds will maintain a light and comfortable pace, registering at 3 Beaufort later in the day.

For those contemplating a day by the sea, expect a tranquil experience with the water ranging from calm to slightly rough.

As for temperatures, they are on the rise, with inland areas reaching a toasty 34 degrees. The south and east coasts will bask in temperatures around 32 degrees, while the west and north coasts will enjoy a warm 29 degrees.

Even our higher mountain regions will feel the warmth, with temperatures hovering around 23 degrees.

Looking ahead to tonight, the skies will remain predominantly clear. However, keep an eye out for increasing high clouds as the night progresses. Winds will adopt a northwest to northeast direction, maintaining a gentle 3 Beaufort pace.

The sea should stay relatively calm but may experience a touch of roughness.

Temperature-wise, expect a mild night with temperatures dropping to around 18 degrees inland and around 19 degrees on the coast. The higher mountain regions will see temperatures dip to approximately 16 degrees.

As we venture into Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the weather remains largely clear, although occasional high clouds may pass by. While temperatures will gradually ease by Saturday, they are forecasted to stay comfortably above average.

Enjoy the sunshine and warmth that weak high pressure is gifting us for the coming days.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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