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Cyprus extradites Kenan Agias to Germany

The District Court of Larnaca approved Germany's request today

A Larnaca District Court approved the extradition of Kenan Agias, a 49-year-old Kurdish man, to Germany over his alleged involvement in a terrorist organization.  Agias was arrested on March 15 at Larnaca airport on the basis of a European arrest warrant.

The court stated that Germany had provided valid documents that refer to the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) as a terrorist organization. However, the Republic of Cyprus ensured that if Agias is sentenced, he will serve his sentence in Cyprus.  The court set two conditions for his extradition: he will be transferred to Cyprus to serve his sentence if convicted in Germany, and he will not be sent back to Turkey.

The court ordered Agias to be handed over to German authorities within ten days, while he remains in custody. Ten Kurdish people were in the courtroom, and they gathered outside the building after the decision was announced, shouting slogans in favor of Agias.

[With information from CNA]

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