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Cyprus football chief faces legal heat over ethics probe

Legal trouble following ethics committee findings


In a statement released today, the Ethics and Sports Protection Committee announced that it has received and reviewed the investigation regarding the alleged conflicts of interest involving Mr. Georgios Koumas, the President of the Cyprus Football Federation (CFF). The committee's findings suggest a potential violation of the law.

The committee made the announcement following a session held on September 26, 2023, during which they received a comprehensive report from their investigating officers. Based on witness testimonies and collected evidence, it was concluded that there may indeed be a conflict of interest involving Mr. Koumas, as outlined by Law 180(I)/2017.

The Ethics and Sports Protection Committee has promised to provide further details, within the constraints of the ongoing investigation, after a thorough examination of the findings.

According to Article 14 of Law 180(I)/2017, Mr. Georgios Koumas now faces potential criminal charges. It is anticipated that he will be summoned for questioning by the police, and subsequently, the Attorney General will decide whether to proceed with a trial based on the evidence presented.

However, in accordance with the provisions of the legislation, any individual found in violation of the conflict of interest law is considered "guilty of an offense and, upon conviction, is subject to a prison sentence not exceeding three (3) years or a fine not exceeding seventy-five thousand euros (€75,000), or both of these penalties."

This development has cast a shadow over the leadership of the Cyprus Football Federation, and the outcome of the legal proceedings will be closely watched by both the football community and legal experts.

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