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Cyprus gears up for annual military drills with allies

Defence Ministry unveils training plans within Nicosia FIR involving air and ground forces


The Ministry of Defence has announced its plans for military training activities scheduled for February 20 and 21, during the afternoon and evening. These exercises are part of Cyprus' yearly military cooperation program with allied nations.

The training sessions within the Nicosia Flight Information Region (FIR) will involve fighter aircraft flights and air defense incidents. Both air and ground forces of the National Guard are set to participate in these maneuvers actively.

The objective is to enhance collaboration between Cyprus and its allied countries, promoting preparedness and strengthening the capabilities of the armed forces. The Ministry assures that all activities will strictly adhere to established protocols to ensure the safety and security of the region.

Residents and air traffic within the Nicosia FIR are advised to stay informed about the training schedule, anticipating potential disruptions during the specified hours. The Defence Ministry emphasizes its commitment to transparency and cooperation with the public throughout the execution of these military exercises.

[Source: Announcements]

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