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Cyprus government under fire for multiple pension issue

Critics argue that former officials should not be receiving multiple pensions especially when they are serving in public office


The ongoing debate over multiple pensions for former and current state officials has taken center stage in Cyprus, with the government facing criticism from political parties and the Audit Office.

Finance Minister Makis Kerynos convened a meeting with parliamentary parties to address the issue, but only representatives from the EPP and the Ecologists attended. The absence of other parties was attributed to the lack of opinions from the Legal Service.

At the heart of the issue are concerns about officials receiving pensions from multiple positions they have held, leading to distortions in the pension policy. Critics argue that pensions often exceed the remuneration of serving officials, creating an unsustainable situation.

The Audit Office has urged Parliament to take action, accusing the government of reluctance to address the problem. They highlighted constitutional concerns with government bills aimed at addressing multiple pensions.

In response, Minister Kerynos defended the government's proposals, emphasizing their legal basis and the aim to eliminate the practice of multiple pensions. He stressed that the proposals had undergone legal scrutiny and were guided by the Attorney General.

However, criticisms persist, with some questioning the effectiveness of the proposed measures. DISY President Anita Demetriou expressed disappointment over the lack of legal opinions provided by the government, emphasizing the importance of resolving the issue.

Meanwhile, DIKO proposed legislation allowing officials to waive their pension while serving in public office. The bill aims to address concerns over multiple pensions by reallocating forfeited pensions to a social support agency.

The proposal underscores the complexity of the issue and the ongoing efforts to find a solution that balances legal, financial, and societal considerations. The debate is likely to continue as stakeholders seek consensus on how best to address the challenges posed by multiple pensions.

[With information from CNA]

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