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Cyprus hits record high 751 new coronavirus cases

The record high number of new cases was accompanied by one coronavirus fatality


The health ministry announced a record number of new coronavirus on Monday, when a whopping 751 new cases were detected, while one coronavirus fatality was also recorded.

The fatality involved an 81-year-old man with underlying health conditions who was being treated at the Limassol general hospital. Total deaths reached 113, involving 74 men (65%) and 39 women (35%) of an average age of 80.

The record number of new cases emerged after 13,482 tests were conducted, and raised total cases detected to 20,408.

Of the total of 751 new cases, 449 were people who tested positive to a rapid test. On Monday, the health ministry said that due to the overwhelming reliability of rapid test results, a confirmation of the result through a PCR test will no longer be required.

The remaining 194 were contacts, three were arrivals to a Cyprus airport, 51 were people who took the initiative to get tested, 45 were people who got tested at general hospitals, seven were people who were tested either as part of special health groups or upon the request of their GP, while two more were detected through the program of repeat tests on arrivals from the UK on the seventh day of their mandatory isolation in local hotels.

Cyprus hospitals are currently treating 153 patients, 51 of which are in critical condition.

63 patients are in the Famagusta general hospital, five of which are in the ICU. The Nicosia general hospital is also treating 48 patients, 27 of which are in the ICU. 39 more coronavirus patients are at the Limassol general hospital, while three more are at the Makario hospital in Nicosia.


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