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Cyprus President advocates Von der Leyen, Metsola re-election

President Christodoulides urges swift decision on EU leadership by July

Newsroom / CNA

President of the Republic Nikos Christodoulides voiced on Monday his support for the re-election of Ursula von der Leyen and Roberta Metsola to the posts of President of the Commission and President of the European Parliament respectively.

In statements to Euronews, released by the Presidency press office, and invited to say whether there is a deal on Von Der Leyen, the President said as he arrived for the informal European Council meeting in Brussels “of course, I mean, the results of the elections are clear, the outcome of the elections is clear, we fully support Ursula and Roberta and we are going to see how the discussion will go now”.

He said “what ‘s important, the most important I would say, is that we need to finish by July, we have a lot of challenges ahead of us, we have elections in the US, we have elections in the UK, we have an agenda to implement, great challenges and migration, Ukraine, competitiveness, green transition, all those issues we need to start working so the ideal scenario is to finish by July”.

Invited to comment on another candidate, the President said “I am not going to comment on any other candidate, let's see what is going to happen in the informal European Council”.


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