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Cyprus President's first visit to Netherlands in 34 years

Cyprus and Netherlands forge strong defense, economic ties


President of Cyprus Nikos Christodoulides and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte reaffirmed the robust bilateral ties between their nations during a pivotal meeting held in The Hague on Wednesday. The occasion marked a historic milestone as President Christodoulides became the first Cypriot head of state to visit the Netherlands in 34 years.

Gathered at the official Prime Minister's residence, Prime Minister Rutte extended gratitude to President Christodoulides for his instrumental role in facilitating the safe evacuation of Dutch nationals from the region, emphasizing Cyprus's pivotal position in regional affairs. He underscored the alignment of their nations on critical issues spanning the economy, defense, immigration, regional stability, and the European agenda.

In a statement released by the Presidency, Prime Minister Rutte hailed the visit as historic, coinciding with Cyprus's 20th anniversary since joining the EU. He acknowledged the pivotal role played by Cyprus in the region and commended its initiative to establish a maritime corridor for humanitarian aid to Gaza.

President Christodoulides reciprocated the sentiment, highlighting the enduring strength of bilateral relations and the consensus reached on crucial matters both within the EU and internationally. He emphasized the significance of Cyprus's EU accession and lamented the 50th anniversary of the illegal Turkish invasion, alongside recent conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East.

Following their closed-door discussions, Prime Minister Rutte hosted a working dinner in honor of President Christodoulides, further fostering bilateral cooperation.

Later, President Christodoulides engaged in discussions with King Willem-Alexander at the Huis ten Bosch Palace, delving into topics ranging from the Cyprus issue to water management and European affairs. Emphasizing the warmth of bilateral relations, President Christodoulides expressed pride in the shared commitment to universal principles amid global challenges.

The visit underscored the mutual dedication of Cyprus and the Netherlands to bolstering ties for the collective benefit of their citizens, reaffirming their alliance within the broader European framework. As President Christodoulides inscribed his remarks in the Visitors' Book, he symbolically sealed a commitment to nurturing the enduring friendship between their nations, navigating the complexities of modern geopolitics with shared resolve and cooperation.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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