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Cyprus re-classifies countries with several downgraded

The new risk-based classification list comes into effect on Friday, and features a number of countries bumped down a category


Cyprus on Monday downgraded several countries in its three-tier risk-based classification system after increasing numbers of airport arrivals have recently been found coronavirus-positive.

Just on Monday, the Cyprus health ministry announced that 30 arrivals, the majority of which flew in from the Greek island of Mykonos, were found positive for coronavirus after samples were collected at airports and processed at labs set up there.

The updates to Cyprus’ travel rules involve the downgrading of Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Ireland, and Iceland from category A to B.

Additionally, Croatia, France, the Netherlands, Andorra, and Tunisia were downgraded from category B to C, while Sweden was bumped up from category C to B.

The updated classification of countries from which visitors can travel to Cyprus comes into effect on Friday, August 28.

The updated list

Category A

EU member states: Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland

Schengen Area members: Lichtenstein, Norway

Third countries: Georgia, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand

Passengers arriving from category A countries can travel without restrictions, as they are not required to show proof of a negative coronavirus test, nor are they required to self-isolate upon arrival.

Category B

EU member states: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Czech Republic


Schengen Area members: Switzerland, Iceland

Small states: Monaco, Vatican City, San Marino

Third Countries: Rwanda, Uruguay, China, Japan

Passengers arriving from category B countries are not required to self-isolate upon arrival but must present proof of a negative PCR test for coronavirus, that must have been conducted within 72 hours prior to boarding. Cyprus nationals and legal residents of the island can opt to take the test upon arrival at a Cyprus airport, in which case they must self-isolate until results are issued.

Category C

EU member states: Bulgaria, France, Croatia, Luxembourg, Romania, Spain, Malta, the Netherlands

Small states: Andorra

Third countries: Algeria, Serbia, Morocco, Montenegro, Australia, Tunisia, Russia, Ukraine, Faroe Island, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Lebanon, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia

Arrivals from category C countries are required to present a negative coronavirus test and remain in quarantine for two weeks, while the Cyprus government recently announced that these arrivals are also required to get re-checked for the virus 48 hours prior to the end of their quarantine period, and can terminate their quarantine if the result is negative.

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