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Cyprus records highest electricity price increase in EU

Eurostat releases energy statistics for 2018


According to data released today by Eurostat the highest increase in household electricity prices between the second half of 2017 and the second half of 2018 was registered in Cyprus.

The price of electricity on the island spiked by 19.6%.

Cyprus is followed by Spain (+13.8%), the Netherlands (+9.7%), the United Kingdom (+8.6%), Ireland (+7.8%) and Estonia (+7.5%).

Decreases were observed in only four countries: Latvia (-4.5%) Poland (-2.5%), Germany (-1.6%) and Lithuania (-0.9%).

Expressed in Euro the price of electricity per 100 kWh in Cyprus is on average 24.5 euros compared to 20.2 euros in the UK and 16.5 in Greece.

You can access the Eurostat report here.

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