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Cyprus takes it easy as Turkey, Israel relight fire

Nicosia sees no harm done, finds solace in rule of law and trilateral relations


The Cypriot government says Israel has vowed to be transparent in its relationship with Turkey, as a thawing period officially came to an end this week with the two countries announcing full normalization.

According to the Cyprus News Agency, government spokesman Marios Pelekanos said Nicosia was monitoring normalization efforts by Israel and Turkey, adding that “under no circumstances are these directed against or affect Cyprus’ relations with Israel.”

Pelekanos said relations between states were not a zero sum game, adding that “our cooperation with Israel is of a strategic nature and based on international law, sincerity, and mutual respect.”

Pelekanos said state relations under no circumstances can be regarded as a zero-sum game, adding 'our bilateral cooperation is strategic and based on international law, honesty and mutual respect'

After years of cold diplomatic relations, Israel and Turkey on Wednesday announced they were restoring full diplomatic ties, including the exchange of ambassadors.

Turkey and Israel have been openly pursuing an improvement of their relations, with Israeli President Isaac Herzog traveling to Ankara back in March.

But Herzog, whose family history and connections are tied to Cyprus, made a stop in Nicosia on the way to reassure President Nicos Anastasiades that their “strategic relationship” would not be torn down in light of his impending visit to Turkey.

In recent years Nicosia got friendly with Tel Aviv as Cyprus and Israel struck a chord in challenging Turkey on a number of issues.

Back in May, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu also traveled to Israel in a historic visit, where he spoke of ambassadorial reappointments that were “important in the development of bilateral relations.”

Pelekanos echoed that principle on Thursday, telling CNA that relations between states, under no circumstances can be regarded as a zero-sum game, adding “our bilateral cooperation is of a strategic nature and is based on international law, honesty and mutual respect.”

The Greek Cypriot official also went on to mention trilateral relations between Cyprus, Israel and Greece as well as pointing to what he described as 3+1, referring to American interest in trilateral relations in the region.

Nicosia sees no harm done as Ankara and Tel Aviv normalize, island finds solace in rule of law, honesty, & trilateral relations

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