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Compensation to be doled out to Akamas property owners

The government will announce compensatory measures for Akamas property owners affected by environmental protection plans

Source: CNA

Minister of Agriculture, Costas Kadis, said on Wednesday that the government will announce compensatory measures for property owners in the Akamas peninsula, who will be affected by a local plan to protect the environment.

Speaking in Kathikas village, in the Pafos district, Kadis said an assessment of the plan by the Department of Environment should be taken into consideration, but local communities should expect compensatory measures for areas that will no longer be open for development, following the announcement of the Akamas masterplan.

Kadis said changes will mainly affect the village of Ineia.  He also emphasized that the government's vision was to safeguard Akamas, allowing communities to develop in a sustainable manner.

The Minister said solutions will be provided soon after the Cabinet discusses the Masterplan for Akamas. On his behalf, Ineia Community Council President, Yangos Tsivikos, said that people have been waiting for solutions in the area of Akamas for 33 years and cannot wait any longer.  Mr. Tsivikos also stated that until then, local protests will continue.


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