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Cyprus traffic cameras venture set in motion

The project as a whole involves the installation of 90 fixed and 20 mobile traffic cameras placed at over 30 points, and is budgeted at over €34 million


The contract for the study, installation, and maintenance of the island’s new traffic camera system was signed on Monday, setting into motion the pilot phase of the project that was several years in the making.

The pilot phase of the traffic camera system will span six months, followed by the first phase that will extend for six more months, before the second and final phase is launched.

The project as a whole involves the installation of 90 fixed and 20 mobile traffic cameras placed at over 30 points, and is budgeted at over €34 million. Specifically, the project will cost €34,076,970 plus VAT, with €8 to go towards the acquisition and installation of equipment, while the remaining €26 will be spent on maintenance and the operation of the equipment.

On Monday, the department of electrical and mechanical services as the project’s contracting authority and the company Condulent State & Local Solutions, Inc. put pen to paper at the Transport Ministry offices, in the presence of Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos and Justice Minister Emily Yioliti.

In addition to monitoring the speed of vehicles, the traffic cameras will also catch out additional traffic offences such as not wearing a seatbelt or helmet, phone use while driving, running red lights, and halting over the white stop line at red lights.

The pilot phase will see the installation of four fixed and four mobile cameras at one location, while a centre for the collection and processing of violations will also be set up and put into operation, allowing for tickets to be sent out.

The first phase, to come be launched in 15 months from today, will see 16 more mobile cameras and 20 more fixed cameras installed in 6 additional locations.

The final phase will involve the installation of 66 more fixed cameras at 23 additional locations. By this point, the collection centre will be in full operation.

In statements following the signing of the contract, Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos said multiple studies have shown that traffic camera systems significantly decrease traffic accidents.

“As a government,” Karousos added, “we have intensified efforts to increase road safety and reduce road collisions through the implementation of new systems,” noting that during a period in the past when a similar traffic camera system was in operation, road accidents decreased by 54.57%.

The camera system is expected to particularly affect urban centres, where the majority of collisions and road deaths take place, Karousos said.



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