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Cyprus vessels loaded with Gaza aid, await pier repair

USAID and Cyprus partner for Gaza aid distribution

Newsroom / CNA

Since last week humanitarian aid for Gaza from Cyprus is currently being preloaded on vessels that as soon as the JLOTS, or temporary pier is re-anchored to Gaza, will be able to flow off pretty much immediately, according to the Pentagon. Also, USAID is working with other partners to distribute aid that's in Cyprus.

“The rebuilding and repairing of the pier are ongoing at Ashdod”, Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary, Sabrina Singh has said.

Singh also said that the recovering of the remaining two Army vessels that were beached near the Trident Pier is ongoing, with assistance from the Israeli Navy.

Alongside USAID and other humanitarian organizations, US are committed to working with the international community to ensure that humanitarian aid gets into Gaza as quickly as possible.

“I believe the Army vessels just did take on a lot of water and sand, so the recovery efforts are just proving to be a little bit more difficult. But we are working with the Israeli Navy to make sure that they can be pushed back and will be operational. That does not impact the rebuilding of the pier itself though. That is still ongoing; still looking like we'll be on track for the timeline that we had set, but we'll provide more updates as we get them” Singh noted.

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